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Say hello to XchainJS! We’ve got the toolkit that makes your cross-chain adventures feel like a walk in the park. Open-sourced, backed by the might of THORChain & MAYAChain, and crafted with a sprinkle of love just for you.

Why XChainJS

Rock-Solid security

Let's keep things straight; we lock down your private keys like Fort Knox. Sleep tight, no worries here!

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It's not just about THORChain or MAYAChain. Dive into our expansive arsenal of wallet tools waiting for your exploration.

No Geek Speak Needed

Our comprehensive suite of wallet tools is designed for integration and ease of use.

The Bigger, The Better

Join us in our vast universe of services, projects, and collaborations.

Featured integrations


The fearless trailblazers in the world of loans. From bold ventures into lending territories to whipping up stellar features, they'are turning heads.


The guardians of the desktop space. Their dedication to open-source and resisting censorship? Nothing short of legendary.


The heroes with dreams bigger than the cosmos. A simple UI and a vision to make your crypto journey seamless. Expect big things!


Super Wallet for the Internet of Blockchains. Your gateway to 60+ Cosmos chains!


CacaoSwap app is the supercharged front end, pairing great UX/UI with truly decentralised swaps. Backed and powered by MAYAChain and THORChain and built for you


  • Xchainjs-aggregator: Enhancements to provide more robust cross-chain functionality and improved performance.
  • Ledger Support: Integration for secure hardware wallet transactions, enhancing user security.
  • KeepKey Support: Integration for secure hardware wallet transactions, enhancing user security.
  • Trezor Support: Implementing support for Trezor hardware wallets to diversify secure transaction options.

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